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Reviews for "Pootris"

This game was good!

Its a good thing I didn't eat breakfast before playing this! It's very nasty and fun!

Awesome and refreshing !

Even tough it was tetris-like, you found a very original way to refresh the concept by adding puzzle complexity ^^. Congrats for a well-done work.


Dude that was fun. I usually hate tetris offshoots, but that was bad ass man good job.

Not bad...

Tetris + Pipe Dream + Potty Humor = A fairly fun game. Not incredible, but not bad either.

oooh impressive :D

funny game ^^ not much else to say, you took tetris and made it yours. alot of ppl have tried that but not many have achived such good results.

ps: i gave humor a 5, not cause i laughed all my way throug but because it's a fun theme ^^