Reviews for "Pootris"

Not bad. Good concept, poor execution.

There's no way to get rid of blocks that get stuck on the bottom that don't connect to anything, they just pile up and eventually get you killed. And with how the piece dropping is, where you'll get 5 of the same piece in a row dropped, you just get too many useless pieces at a time.


I like this game alot, it was kinda addicting XD because i love tetris Keep up the great work :)

Potty Humor

The mix of pipe master and tetris was just a bit to cliche. Try something a little more entertaining.

Great Game

This really is a great game! I wouldnt think tetris and pipedream would work together but you made it work. Kudos!

Absolute Crap! Total Shit! (but in a good way lol)

Sorry, had to say it. Great game, although it made me regret having baked beans for breakfast this morning lol!