Reviews for "Pootris"

This game is crappy

Literally, lol. Think its the only time I can say a game is crappy without it being an insult, right?
Interesting concept and a nice combo of pipedreams and tetris, you would think I would enjoy this game immensely. But for some reason unknown to me, I really didn't. To be fair though, I am rating it an 8, because I think that everyone else will enjoy it!


meh. it seamed like i got the same 2 tiles 6 times in a row.

this is bs

you mean i waited hours for a game that is an obvious ripoff of another game on this site? Not only is the plot horrible but also digusting. The graphics are horrible as well as the sound. Fianlly it is just really annoyint ot try to play.


Now everything was good 'cept you need to get rid of the pipes that don't go anywhere

freeworldgroup responds:

thanks - use the plunger to get rid of pipes you don't want! That's what it's there for.

Good game concept!

I gave this a 5! Its the sickest, most unbelievable piece of innovation... ok thats a bit too many words, but yeah the idea behind this is great. Its a perfect parody of tetris, so well incorporated into sh*t!

I like the concept, and I think it could make an awesome game. All it needs is some refining. A way to get rid of useless blocks, that don't connect to anything. More variety of blocks, like maybe 2 or 3 cubes together, and you know tweaks and stuff.

Graphics might need some work, but the sound was good. Overall good job on it! Can't wait for version 2!