Reviews for "Pootris"

nice new concept

its a good mix between two games i played for ages in the good ol' days
nice work!

Over responsive..

Game annoyed me, truly. The down key would most of the time would make me down one, and then another...before I could even let my finger off of it. The sound was ripped off, it looked very bland, and poo jokes aren't really that funny anymore...now penis jokes, those are funny. Not that great of a game, didn't enjoy it.

Overall i gave this game a 6

It was an ok game, i did like it mostly because it kinda gave me the feeling of playing tetris (probably the main idea here) if that was the idea you win.

this game is MUCH more interesting than tetris

but there was a kind of problem at the "DOWN" key. it kinda gets stuck

I like it!

I don't like games like tetris, but I like this game.