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Reviews for "Coronation"

Nice perspective!

airman4 responds:

Thankies !

The accuracy with which you drew this perspective is breath taking. I absolutely love this peace. When do I accept my crown and move in?

airman4 responds:

Thanks a lot man
Well i have made another piece where everything is destroyed , the guys wanted me to illustrate the following , you'll regret your wish

Jesus, this is like the artistic equivalent of going ham. The colors are above and beyond. I'm digging pretty everything except the red petals. They look flat and fake and don't seem to fit with the rest of the image. The pattern on the path could also use a little work to look more natural, it starts repeating around the middle and it could use more shadows in the cracks.

airman4 responds:

Thanks lol

For the critique
Yeah i didnt got much idea for the ground , so i keeped putting them around
I put red flower cause the people wanted me to show some joyfulness in the art , so i did them
I should probably vary more but honestly i was exhausted at the end lol
Making off can be viewed here


The variety of textures and brushstrokes just shine so much in this piece. Brilliant piece of artwork.

When i first look at this this image, immediately i felt like a princess!This art is really beautiful!
Keep the good work!!