Reviews for "Nyeh Heh Heh!!"

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m o d e r n a r t
Oop. Time for the actual review.
This art style is really nice. Papyrus is an adorable goof as usual, and you captured it perfectly in this.

I like this piece so much.
It inspired me to make this.

Thanks dude awesome job.

grillhou5e responds:

yeah.............. i saw it..... And I really liked it! You did a fine job chief! keep up the groovy work!

Clicked on this thinking: Papyrus?, AND I WAS RIGHT.

This creature obviously likes spaghetti, but how will he eat it? He has no stomach.

grillhou5e responds:

You might want to ask a gentleman named Toby fox about that one bud.

this art is AWSOME!!!!!!