Reviews for "Nyeh Heh Heh!!"

This creature obviously likes spaghetti, but how will he eat it? He has no stomach.

grillhou5e responds:

You might want to ask a gentleman named Toby fox about that one bud.

Clicked on this thinking: Papyrus?, AND I WAS RIGHT.

I like this piece so much.
It inspired me to make this.

Thanks dude awesome job.

grillhou5e responds:

yeah.............. i saw it..... And I really liked it! You did a fine job chief! keep up the groovy work!

The juxtaposing stylistic features of realistic and unrealistic forms of objects (e.g. The fork and his hand) is wonderful to see and gives a child like wonder emerge from the work. Coupled with colourful popping colours and the face truly captures the egocentric and jolly personality of Papyrus. It's sick :)

This is totally awesome! :D