Reviews for "Tempted To Say"


my god...
this is great.
Lyrics are certainly experimental, though.

nice good nice

hey, i really liked it, lovely ambience, nice existential lyrics (not sure if existential is right word....good? nice good lyrics, that will do. chris the wordsmith strikes again.)


That is quality music you make. I know you want to experiment with techno. May i suggest a talk. I'm curious how you would take it a song. Would you talk in a "Bon jovi- livin on a prayer" way or "chromeo- Night by Night" or " Daft punk- Digital love"

Now that i have typed this i now have second thought because you have a great voice and some youtube turn people's voice to shit.

Anything keep making fantastic music.

P.S. Maybe a duet. Split second last descision.


that is it. i can't think of words to say that shows how good this is.

Wow, this is a beautiful audio piece! I really do like they lyrics. They are among the most graceful I have ever heard on this website. You usually expect more crude stuff, but this was fantastic. I am really wondering why this hasn't been featured in anything. You should make a music video yourself for this!

I even love the design of the loading screen for it! This is just such a beautiful voice. It kind of reminds me of Salvonic. They're a band or something that worked with Weebl. I really do get a good feeling out of just listening to this. I love it!