Reviews for "Tempted To Say"

<3 <3

this is some awesome stuff

Love It Still!

Just as Great As You Always Are :) I Miss Talking To You!!! Hope All Is Well ^.^

Chesse nuggets ham and cheese

May i Have More please?

Brilliant voice

also so you perform anywhere in brisbane? i would totally come see it with my girlfriend! she likes your music too!

hania responds:

Woo Brisbanites! Nope, I don't perform - way too shy ;)


That is quality music you make. I know you want to experiment with techno. May i suggest a talk. I'm curious how you would take it a song. Would you talk in a "Bon jovi- livin on a prayer" way or "chromeo- Night by Night" or " Daft punk- Digital love"

Now that i have typed this i now have second thought because you have a great voice and some youtube turn people's voice to shit.

Anything keep making fantastic music.

P.S. Maybe a duet. Split second last descision.