Reviews for "Tempted To Say"

Really good

For an experiment it turned out very successful*. (*Oh my god I spelled that word right without the spellchecker) all amazement of my lucky fluke aside it is very well done.


Wish it was longer, though.

:0 I'm tempted to say it's perfect. . .

Beautiful vocals that go perfectly with a simple, chill melody.
The drums are great, and you did a great job making the vocals stand above the audio without being overpowering.

Great job,



you're good O.o would you like to collaborate sometime? I have a 1 song uploaded with a girl that sang the hook to my song but you're much better than her xD no disrespect to her though haha

Experiment Status: Prototype Successful!

Well that was quite good for an experiment, now make one that is even better, though that may not be easy :P