Reviews for "Tempted To Say"

nice good nice

hey, i really liked it, lovely ambience, nice existential lyrics (not sure if existential is right word....good? nice good lyrics, that will do. chris the wordsmith strikes again.)


nice song+ happy birthday, its a bit late but better late then not

Very nice.

I thought this was great. A real nice mix of almost acid jazz with some cold electronic thrown in. I loved all the vocal harmonizing too. You really excel at making chill music!

It's a bit short unfortunately, songs like this especially tend to really shine when they groove on for long periods of time. Nonetheless, especially for only 3 hours of work, this was excellent.



I really Like this :) big old 10/10 5/5 for you.. (if i didn't you'd beat me with a bat anyway i'm sure).

you should do more in this style do it do it do it


I like the way your experimentation's going :) Happy birthday!