Reviews for "Binary Translator"


Thats a pretty neat little gadget you have there. Only problem is that its hard to see the text with that background color, but not impossible to see. I liked the music too, only it got just a tad bit repetitive after a while; Im glad there was the option to turn it on/off. I found it to be pretty cool honestly, good work!

doesnt work properly..

This doesnt work properly, the decimal number 4 is 100 in binary and yet it comes up with 01110100 or something so you probably need to look at this again. Nice idea though.

Needs Work

It's a good converter but you should fix the text or the text box backgrounds so it's more readable.

I think it's broken.

Well first off, I can't tell if it's a decimal-to-binary or a binary-to-decimal translator. Second, when I type in the number 1, the result should be 1, regardless of which way the translator works.
Anyway, I gave this submission a 0, and this can mean that either the translator doesn't work correctly, or that you don't provide any form of instructions or clues as to what exactly is being translated. If I misunderstood something, it's up to you to tell me, the player, what exactly is supposed to happen.