Reviews for "Mardek Rpg: Chapter 1"

Nice RPG Game

It's a really fun and detailed RPG Game, how long did this take for you to make?

Pseudolonewolf responds:

Months. It took months.
Sort of.
Though I've been developing the engine in various incarnations for like three years it seems; this is the first game I've made with it that I've actually released though.

Pretty Good

This game mixes together several good factors such as the reaction system. The graphics aren't bad in this game but could be improved. The story is like most usual RPG's where you are rushing to defeat this evil monster to save a princess. This game also tries to add in a bit of humor as well though not much of it shows well.

This game is definitely worth a try for RPG fanatics.

Pretty good.

Its like a cheaper vegion of final fantasy. The only problem is the music and the gameplay gets repatative as with most online rpgs.All and all a pretty good game.