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Reviews for "Mario RPG: Rawest Forest"


One of the best flashes ive seen in a very long time...im also a huge fan of SMRPG and now that song is stuck in my head....any idea where i can download it? (nice animations too btw)

that was awsome

u know the sword part i cant under stand him to much lol so the guy who new the whole song typed it in so that helped me understand it but yeah i loved it i cant stop watching it

Best Mario remix ever

seriously, it is.


I like the song! ^-^


If you did it in a week, that was amazing. The song was great, and the animation really covered the whole game. Only two things:
1: Isn't Malo supposed to be a crybaby? You made him look tough lol
2: GENO OWNS. Enough said =)