Reviews for "One Winged Angel (Sephiro"


Chuck Norris vs. Sephiroth

Thats the only thing I can image when I hear this song.


Aha I see I'm not the only one who's wanted to make a different approach to Sephiroth's inner madness. Making music for him is very very hard, you have to find somethign that represents evil, danger, and genuine madness itself; All while beign kick ass awesome at the same time. Nice surprise.

Pretty Epic

And I know that you probs don't have an entire choir to record with, so I kinda wished that you turned up the effect(?) for the choir sound. After that, I wish that you had gone with (de)crescendos with the instruments at times (ie using the volume nob).

Overall I did like it though :3

sephiroth angry

SEPHIROTH SMASH, as far as i know the reason it does not sound like this is because sephiroth sowed sadness, this does not show sadness but furry,anger and fright. however this is awsome, great redo.


This is far more frightening than original version. I liked the violins in the beginning. The only thing that could be better are the vocals. but i suppose you don't have whole choir to record new.:)