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Reviews for "Ethereal Ether"

awesome song

its just so entrancing just cant stop listening to its so good and i dont mind the minor clipping adds a small bit of an effect to the background music


Hmm, considering you have nearly three times the number of downloads to votes, surely your score should be even higher than a 4.5!

I actually quite enjoy the distorted bass. I'm not sure if it would be better if it was more crisp. If you ever do revisit this piece, do you think you could make the ending more satisfying? It feels a little out of place and has a sudden change of mood. Perhaps the enchanting piano from the intro could fade away instead.

Thank you for this!

Just Incredible!!

Is just incredible dude, I have nothing more to say, men, congratulations

Intensity to the max!

Now on my (currently short) list of favorite artists. This is relentless, intense, exhausting, persistent, sweeping, fill in the blanks ... Can't review all of your output, but sometime you might try ratcheting down the tempo just a hair on a few of your works (not this one however). Your stuff is very good.

Should have more cleaner mixing, but I'm not this blind not to see an amazing song down here.