Reviews for "Fine, Be Like That"

Fun, light, and easy.

There comes a certain point where I just get sick of listening to experimental music, heavy stuff, or anything that's majorly out of my tastes. Almost like a return home, this song comforted my ears; its slow build helped me appreciate all the little things going on.

The main rhythm throughout the song might be a little repetitive, but I'm not complaining; it was positively infectious. I was reminded of the song that played in Pokecenters in the Pokemon games. When the beat finally changed at 3:14, I was a little surprised, but not disappointed; the light bopping tones were still there, so just a bit of funk changed a song that was otherwise getting ready to end.

As the song progressed, I was happy that it didn't stray too far from the beats and melodies substantiated in the intro. I didn't have any problem at all with the transitions, as they kept me interested; I even said "Oh!" as the beat hit at 3:14. No complaints here.

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Standard chord play

Besides the unoriginal chords (50% of today's pop songs use these chords), I can't realy blame you for using them, as they do sound great.

The guitar intro sounds pretty good, thought I can't identify what the instrument in the higher register (the one that plays once every time, not the moog-ish instrument) is supposed to be, sounds like a distorted piano or something.

The part at 3:12 is the part that's bugging me. It's completely irrevelant with the previous part, and could have either been introduced more smoothly, or been cut alltogether.

Also, as a side-note, from 4:24 to 4:29, the moog-ish instrument seems to have been cut off...

On a good note, the song was briliantly balanced, and the instruments used were top notch (even thought I don't know what certain are supposed to be)

To resume, Sounds and balance are great, just check your transitions, and -that's just on a personal note- use maybe more original chords, for more authenticity.

Great song overall!

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Samuel Hébert

thatbennyguy responds:

Hey Samuel,

Great review. You are spot on with your praise and criticisms; I spent a lot of time balancing the sounds but hardly any working transitions. I also usually use different chord progressions, but I decided to just go with the formula this time round, the tried and true. This song focussed on the vibe more than originality, so that's a good calculation. :3

Thx for your wonderful review,

This is a good song.

I havn't gotten to review any of your songs for a while now... I completely forgot you couldn't get back onto your old account. anyways after listening to it, it's key and melody actually reminds me of a completely different song. It is very professional though like pretty much all of your works. The creativity was very well, and while this song was very loose feeling... IT POPPED!!! I liked that. Keep up the good work Benny!!!

thatbennyguy responds:

Thx dude u r literally the man. Glad you enjoyed the song.


Sold from the first seconds

Review 2...

As a first impression of listening, it's got a very high quality intro, and thus I'm stuck on it.

The quality of the sound, especially the guitar, is top notch. It's a very crisp little bugger, and it stands out nicely from the other, slightly more cloudy instruments in the background of it. It appears and reappears for a more prominent role at good times, and such is a testament to the quality of its sound. I do wish a few other parts could have a slightly fatter sound, like the piano in the middle on top of the drum beat, but hey, that's just me.

Argh, I'm obscenely jealous. Not only have you created a solid theme, and solid progression of chords, mood and feel, but you have created quite possibly one of the most catchy pieces I've ever heard (seriously). This is approaching that one Fireflies song from Owl City in terms of catchiness. Sigh, if only I could create something so pleasing to the ears and so inspiring.

What can I say, you've got me beat here, and on that note, you've beaten quite a few other people I must say... There is a certain quality in the music in its diversity of moods, development of the theme, and the transitions. But, in my opinion, the finest part is the balance of the song. Balance is something that I concentrate the most on in my productions, be it balance between low and high, foregrounds and backgrounds, loud and soft, natural and synthetic, whatever it may be. You've managed to balance many things very well, and then balance more upon it. Imagine, if you will, making a tree of balances that don't fall out of balance (weird imagery there).

Once again, another stunning example of the usage of the blending of styles, and it certainly has an air of being some of the most creative stuff that I've heard.

Perhaps I sense a trend of the music you've been making, but I'm not sure, I must listen to more. Methinks that I'll be quite pleased to continue listening after this.

In order of categories
Looks like a 9/10 overall to me, plus 5/5.

Final thoughts: oooo, baller status yo. Consider doing more with the section beginning at 3:12 though, that could be even more brilliant for sure.


thatbennyguy responds:

Thanks for your creative instruction and vivid imagery. You are amazing. Oh, and thanks for baller status. Much appreciated, must mean a lot. Will guard with life.


I very much enjoyed that!

My one friend would probably enjoy writing a song to this. If he does i'll be sure to keep you posted and give credit to you.

thatbennyguy responds:

Thanks dude. Keep me on call :3