Reviews for "Space Bounty"

wow great game

-it took a while to complete and it was pretty long, but it was great. i loved the need to dodge enemy fire and take cover and i was hooked until the very last mission.
-though there were a few things that i didnt like. one of them was that i always accidentally pressed down twice quickly (to take cover), then finding myself falling through the lowset floor to my death. you should make it so you cant drop below the floor underneath you if its the lowest level.
-also, make the weapons more diverse. the plasma, ion and beam weapons were pretty much all identical, save for a few minor differences in damage. some suggestions may be a sniper type weapon, a stun type weapon, etc.
-also, there seems to be a bug where you cannot double jump when you fall off a ledge. that led to my death many times.
-otherwise, im looking forward to the sequel. maybe you can make the game more personal and add some voice acting with the characters to make the game more deeper in storyline

Bloody Hell

That was damn good! Keep it up, that must have taken aaages to make! Really really well done!


awesome game. i love it! d(^_^)b


All i could say is AWSOME.

gr4eat gameplay

great gameplay... needs some variety...