Reviews for "Space Bounty"

Very cool

I got trough and finished the first level.I'm going to play the others later.
Nice graphics and very nice game.I don't like the "change ammo" thing,i would have liked different weapons instead.Anyway,i had fun with the first level,then good vote for you!


its cool i guess

it was okay

its pretty okay but the graphics are bad and the weapons choice is bad. it is still fun though, even if i keep dying. in fact one time i played and kept on falling into the pits

not very fun

it was okay the graphics were good but the game play was very dull very easy and very slow

Hmmm. Not bad.

.....at times, I actually think this game should be harder, here's why:

If you play your cards right, and exploit the respawn of the two flying robots in the L1 boss battle, you can have every single upgrade before L2. And if you've got that, you're pretty much sorted, so long as you grind a little more so you can buy some nice ammo.

I'd quite like (if there's ever another game like this) less grinding potential, and a bit more cash in the first levels.......and perhaps more variety in the background.

Apart from that, it's a nice little time-killer that I keep coming back to.