Reviews for "Space Bounty"


kind of stupid :/


Its retarted how easy it is to lose health to me it is stupid.

its ok

its ok, but i thought it was retarded hat every time you fell down you lost a life. it was way too easy to fall down. This isn't a freaking fall down game, its a shooting game! then again, i guess you decide what kind of game it is.


its betterif you view as a popup

Good fun.

I liked this game, start to finish. Dodging enemy bullets by ducking or jumping and blasting away with an array of weapons, it was all fun. The only part I didn't like was the boss fights, the shields made killing them a bit tedious. I would have prefered if they had higher health and lower shield up time.

The upgrades were good as well, simple and easy to understand. The whole game was simple, a good thing in my opinion.