Reviews for "Space Bounty"

fun for a while

after a while the game gets boring. but its fun while it is.


you so stole boss three from the movie alien but its still gets a 5

Great game

I thiought this game was a fun game, and i would play it over and over again. but i thought the graphics crappy.

mess up

at the begining of the game when u hit new game the options menue says a to kneel when it is s just wanted to let u know

Very good game, with few improvements to be made.

It was a very great game overall. I just beat it. A few improvements that could be made would be to make a larger variety of textures. Fix the infinite gold issues with enemies (particularly the neverending ones at bosses), and balance out the weaponry vs gold. Way too easy to get all the best stuff.

Other than that, as simple as the game was, it was extremely fun to play.