Reviews for "Space Bounty"

I'd say it's good

Really good, well kind of LOL

OK.. I geuss.

It's 50/50 in my opinion


this game isnt bad at all
i dont know y people gave this game a low rating, maybe its bcuz they just suck?

honestly if u cant or dont know how to play shooting/platforming games pls dont play it n then comment on how terrible it is, its like asking someone who hates rock music to give theyre comments on a rock music, of course itll be bad

as for gameplay, its not that hard, for me, dying from falling only happened once, n i finished the game with 4 extra lives
there r actually a bunch of secret rooms with a guaranteed extra life in there, n yes u can double jump n go down a floor by pressing down twice

so just have fun :)


gameplay- bad; story- bad; graphics- passible concedering it's 3d and that's relitively hard to do.

you're best (and only actually good) word was 13 days in hell, even then, it wasnt that good. i think you need to find another way to spend your time , sorry

this isn't to bad at all.

From reading the reviews about this game u would think this is gonna be 1 of the worst games u ever played, but that isn't true at all. I liked the game play, the graphics were good, and the story was alright. My only real complaint is that lack of ability to gain extra lives very easily. In this game it is a fact u run through lives pretty quickly, with most of yur deaths coming from falls. But u need to be able to find lives because if u make 1 mistake after getting a game over yur screwed and have to start over again...and again...and again... u get where this is going??? Just put more life pickups in there and you'll be all good I think.

P.S. to people not good at or used to run and gun/ platform games, death by falling is 1 of the most common ways to die because of the lack of skill, bad timing, or sheer bad luck. Either way practice on these kinds of games and improve yur skill or just on't play these kinds of games.