Reviews for "Space Bounty"

Pretty cool

Nice job, this game is great! You really should make a sequel!

I've seen someone complaining about this: YOU CAN DOUBLE JUMP !

All good but one major flaw...

Every thing was great except for one thing... SOME OF THE PLATFORMS were to fight to jump onto. Like when i got the blue key and I tried getting back up. The only way that happned is by my having to jump of and commit sucide. Seriously Did you have some one beta test this game?


Very addicting game, I like it a lot. I like the graphics on that game too, it adds so much to the arcade theme.... I'd love for a second one.


woah u need to teach how to do games like that one ! u got a good flash game there ! what about a space bounty 2 :D

very good

deeves much more than 3.95