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Reviews for "[KK] Tribute to Anais"


5/5 for u guys at the kitty krew, i am sorry for trying 2 blam almost every single one of ur submissions b4 and soz 4 being so mean, i luv kats and kittens, wish my kat kould hav kittens, but he's a guy and hes neutered. i was wondering if i could join u guys, plz leave me an email!!!

Svoboda responds:

http://www.flashnetworkonline .net/kittykrew/forums/


Your kittens are really cute (reminds mine) but I don't think most of the portal voters will understand your message and juste cry "BLAM DIZ SHITE" ou something like that.

You have quite change my opinion about KittyKrew.
I was thinking they were only idiots. This movie show me I was a bit wrong.

Svoboda responds:

Cool, un français ! Coupaing =)

this is decent i guess

this movie is much better than any other movie made by the kitty krew (not hard to do of course but still) i liked that you added a slide show at the end. and you are right those kittensd were SOOOOOOOO cute...i want one, seriously. my cat recently died so i really want one of those kittens.

Svoboda responds:

thx ^^

If you want a kitten, send me a PM.


it wasnt really much of a flash, i doubt it would even be considered a colab.

put as many pictures of cats as you may, it wont help the chances of this animation surviving the hellish trail of the portal.

Svoboda responds:

kthxbye§!!!§:!mklpksdfpokfdlm kfsdljx!!!!!


SO CUTE 5/5!!!

Svoboda responds: