Reviews for "Flash Basketball"


its imposibl to control the shots worst basketball game i ever seen


Sorry...the game sucks. How is it possible to make any shot? the guy just chucks the ball even with small move of the mouse...

EHH, It was ok...

I give it a 7 because it was pretty fun and I played it for like 10 minutes. It was pretty hard.


i give it bout a4, it was kinda fun but i got bored after a couple seconds

This is pretty cool.

I've played a lot of cheap basketball games, and this is one of the best! its simple and fun to control! This game was pretty fun, but i accidentally clicked on the links in the back a few times. Overall, it is pretty fun and i liked it a lot.
suggestions: only one, maybe add more basketball players or more modes, other than that, its pretty cool.