Reviews for "Flash Basketball"

Not bad

The game is pretty good, it was alright. It was some fun for me when I played it. It just needs a few fixes; as mentioned by other reviews. Not bad, good job

Good Game

It is a very good game but it needs a lot less sensitivity because i just touched the ball an it went over but apart from that it all good

overall a great game

it was pretty good but you could have added a jump on the jumpshot and also a follow through im not gonna lie to you i was hitting 15 outta 20 from college three it was a fun experience

Ok basketball game.. couldve been a lot better tho

OK game i wouldve liked to see an actual follow through when he takes jumpshots.. the animation gets boring after a while

Best shooting Game EVER!

I'm a big fan of those sport games, espically basketball. Unlike other similar games just control by the bars, this one can really make a shot by my own hand. By using the mouse, I can adjust the power and the angle. Moreover, there are three modes with three different difficulities for various players. All in all, I really like this game and I think I'm going to spend some time on it, good job! I'm looking forward to the next piece of work!