Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter One"


It's great, but why is it so slow?!

(Could be my coputer, but I don't think it is)

Good effort hindered by horrific voice acting

This was a good effort and has potential in future episodes. They need to get rid of the southern voice actor doing the voice of the main character. It doesn't match at all. The edits need to be tighter as well...too many pauses between script lines.

I agree with Delopolis666

The voices sucked. I dinĀ“t really like the graphics but I can get over that. I really liked the look on that "robot" thingie

Not all that good

You used a lot of pictures and the story didn't hang together what so ever and the accents sucked. Sorry but I just don't like those accents. He sounded like a very drunk southerner.

A bit ermm

Hmmm. The voice actor for arrogancy was a bit mississipy and both the voices did'nt sound very emotional. As for the music INTENSE...not. And the matrix "bring it" hand jesture?!?!?
You have talent. DON'T WASTE IT.