Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter One"


Not the best animation i have seen, and the voice acting was horrbile, why the fuck did u have a fucking hic voice the main character?

You suck man.

Good except for voices

It was good, but the voices really really sucked. A country accent is ok, but in this case it makes the character seem like he's an idiot. And the girl sounds like she's all of 5, and her voice acting REALLY REALLY SUCKED. Maybe it will improve..this is the first one i've watched. Good job on the animation tho.


STOP MAKING HIM TLK LIKE A REDNECK!!! STOP IT!!! STOP IT I SAY!!!!! P.s. u might wanna change the voice....


I agree with the previous review in it's saying that the voices could use work. I'm pretty sure flash is hard work and all, but i just don't see alot of effort put forth. So, all in all... It could be better... but it's overall an OK movie. Sorry..


At one point in this flash he taunts the girl to come at her and his face look worried I really didn't understand why, I'm thinking maybe that was a mistake overall it was pretty good though.