Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter One"

great visuals, but whats with the voices

Great manga style action and characters but I need to ask myself doesnt a super agent of mystery with a southern drawl kinda take me out of suspention of disbelief?. it does. and the female sound like someones girlfriend speaking into a mike while reading lines? this is not to say this was not enough for me to dislike this highly enjoyable flash I just wanted to point out something that rubbed me the wrong way. peace.


I'm mostly posting this to get that newbish ball bag outa these posts. Elsewise, that was really awesome and makes me want to watch the rest. Very creative. The girls voice acting did not sound like she has a dildo up her ass. If you want to know who has a dildo up her ass talk to your mom trignig... Newbie doesnt know anything about flash

overall good

no offense or anything but the voices were too country sounding. i liked episode 1's voices better

not as good as I thought

It wasn't bad, it was....... different.

Good movie, bad acting...

Personally, I really enjoyed this movie. There was a decent story, and at the end of this episode I wanted to see the next one. There is only one problem...The voice acting sucks. It isn't very well played out and it feels as if there is not emotion what so ever in any of the voices. This episode would get a 9 if it had better voices, better "acting".