Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter One"


this is great, but there could be better voices and more action!

Good Story

To be honest you just need to find new voice talent for Arrogancy. Sorry there seems to be no emotion or feeling there. It kinda takes you out of the story. Other than that it seems like a good series.

The series i love.

Love simply love it.

Er....Not as good as episode 1..

To tell you the truth, I suck at flash. I can make a ball bounce up and down and swish and flop and stuff, but otherwise...I suck. You have a good talent that allows you to move characters in a way that makes out a movie. But compared to the episode 1 of this series, this one kind of stunk. No offense, but it did kind of get boring.

The scores below will tell you...

Seducing an assassin? That sounds pretty neat! A pity it doesn't go anywhere here. Then again, it's still a great cartoon. I thought this would be about well, arrogance. It's actually the name of the character.

He honestly doesn't seem that arrogant. I've seen a lot worse. The animation is quite nice. Wasn't expecting a robot to appear. This was off to a great start.