Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter One"


learn to make flash damnit!!!... he he.. i'm only kidding... nice job!


The movie in itself was fantastic, with the voice overs a little ugly, but all in all very well done.


Heh, Im not sure what all these people are talking about....that was damn cool. If anything I'd say that the voice acting was kind of dull, and the timing between some dialogue was a bit too much of a pause. Otherwise, very nice.


to be honest, this is really good, is hard for me to say this but it depends on what kind of movie is and i like the style of this one. although my aura is dark i know what deserves a high ranking in this reviews. great work on this Arrogancy series!


is that a black mans voice in a white mans body?.... com on you can do better suond then that buddy....