Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter One"

holy sw33tness

this is fuckin awsome keep up the good work. does need some work on matching the voices with the mouth movements though

What the heck?

I liked it but why did the animation and voices change he sounds like a black guy in this one?

Pretty cool!

Nicely done! However, it did run very slow for me too. After the main character spoke, I waited for about 30 seconds as it slowly zoomed out from his face. I switched to low quality, and the movie ran better. I am on a PII 400, not the fastest computer. However, I would think streaming the audio would help the speed issue, as it should force the animation to keep up with the voice. Did you set your audio to stream?

cool art

you have some of the best art i have seen on newgrounds (thats serious at least none of the comical ones) and the music is cool
but her voice seemed a bit too innocent

Excellent animation...

You had perfect animation going on but overall this was way too short. Nothing except for a fight occured really, and the begining was kind of lacking interest. Good job still, but it needed to be longer.