Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter One"


that was like the best, keep it up.

Awesome but could have been better.

Great animation. Awesome music and the fact that you did it yourself makes it even better. I found myself with my head on my desk waiting for the next bit of the movie between the chunks of talking. I know this is nit-picking but the dubbing was terrible. This would be the best flash ive ever seen if you made these things better. All in all good job and are your songs full or did you just do them for the movie? If they have full versions is there a place with mp3s?


itas great but does he have to sound like a fucking hill-billy


This is just like an Anime, only less filler scenes and more butt kickingness!! Keep em coming!!! They are wickedly stylish


good! but was a bit corny at some places, dont know if i was the only 1 with that problem, that's why i can only make myself give it 7 in graphics, but interesting plot and all good movie all over!