Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter One"

Seducing an assassin? That sounds pretty neat! A pity it doesn't go anywhere here. Then again, it's still a great cartoon. I thought this would be about well, arrogance. It's actually the name of the character.

He honestly doesn't seem that arrogant. I've seen a lot worse. The animation is quite nice. Wasn't expecting a robot to appear. This was off to a great start.

Where can i get the song at the start and end of this animation? ^.^

Just found out that this was made in 2001. Whoa. Had no idea. Well, until now. Since this was a 2001 animation, it's actually pretty good, but it can't compete with today's animation. It's awesome, but the voice acting is pretty dull. So I'll give you 4 stars. :)


At one point in this flash he taunts the girl to come at her and his face look worried I really didn't understand why, I'm thinking maybe that was a mistake overall it was pretty good though.

I haven't really seen all that many 2001/2/3 videos (a few) but this one is the best of them all, animation-wise. The voice-acting IS pretty poor, for the girl especially. Some people say the dude had a Texan accent. Really? I don't think any of the Texan people I know speak that way, at least not in Northeast Texas. I guess that accent was a bit of a southern stereotype. I'll be sure to watch the other ones!