Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter One"

Not bad but...

The story is great so far but the voice dubbing doesn't fit at all. Main characters' voice should sound more Solid Snake-like, and the girls' voice was to high pitched and unappropriate. She didn't gave any feeling into the lines.

It's good but...

Everything about this episode is great, except the voices. The main guy sounds like he has a lisp, and the girl sounds like a goody goody. If you redid the voices it would be mind blowingly awesome.

Lookin Good !

The good thing about this movie is that it makes you want to know more, it makes you wonder about Chapter 2, but the Girls voice Sucks,,, she has a Baby-Doll voice,,, like shes a Barbie,, she needs to have a Strong Voice, like she was Tough !

The Graphics are Good, the Sound too, the Story is getting somewhere,,, its lookin Good !


what happened? the chicks voice sucked, didn't fit her AT ALL.... i was so excited when i saw the epilogue....

Voice acting....ugh

I stopped a few seconds after hearing the voice acting. I don't like arrogancy's accent...sounds texan....doesn't fit the character in my view.