Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter One"

Very good

This is a good Movie. I like the storyline so far... even tho Ive only seen the first chapter. The one thing is, tho, The voices and the voice acting need some work. Neither the voices or the voice acting fit the mood or expressions of the characters or story. anywho. its really good, and I look forward to seeing more!


for something made in 2001 that was pretty good i cant wait to watch the second episode


Hmm...Grapic were very good IF YOU HAD REMOVED that owful picture as background... Damned Destroyed pretty much sorry..But try to Draw your on Backgrounds--..Sound pretty much the same all the way..
(ps)The robot was awesome :D

Not that great.

Graphics: 3-The graphics were pretty bad, there were clearly some parts were all you did was take a picture and stick on there. Seems pretty Lazily done.

Style: 2-I didn't like you your Style; which is probably pretty obvious judging by the score, I didn't like the way the characters moved, it was much to blockish.

Sound: 0-The sound was the worse, the voices didn't match with the Lips, music (When there was any) was horrible, And the Action Noises were loud and Sharp, even when they didn't seem like they should have been like that. Also, a Hated the voices in general, that was the worst part about this animation.

And the rest is pretty much Self-exclamitory.


That was brilinat!
Two thumbs up and a 5!