Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter One"

The seed has been planted

I like it. Except for a few points in a very few places that could have been removed or smoothed out (I'm talking about the line vectors here), the artwork looks great. Nice character designs. Ripper looks great and I even like the (later to be introduced) cutesy character. I would highly recommend using stream (instead of event) sounds. I know you don't want frames dropped, but it will look better overall if the lips match regardless of what computer you are viewing it on. The jpeg backgrounds work quite nicely with the figures. Out of curiosity, what frame rate are you using? This was an introductory episode which have the tendency to be a tad boring at times (I understand), but I can definitely feel that this will only get better and it is pretty damn nice already. Nudity in episode 3, eh? I think we know which episode you will get the best votes on. I'll be back for more.

*Fast Reviewz*

This great man. Some like to call it anime, but in facts it's just picture after picture, there is no smooth movement from point a yo b. Don't take me wrong though, I really liked this. I just wanted to pointed to be careful with the girl drawings, she looked more like marilyn manson twice. She supposed to be sexy? make her the sexiest ever then! And for the sounds, get out of that car trunk.

Pretty cool!

Nicely done! However, it did run very slow for me too. After the main character spoke, I waited for about 30 seconds as it slowly zoomed out from his face. I switched to low quality, and the movie ran better. I am on a PII 400, not the fastest computer. However, I would think streaming the audio would help the speed issue, as it should force the animation to keep up with the voice. Did you set your audio to stream?

nice art.. shame about the sound maybe?

I think its very good overall, but the sound quality on most of the characters vocals lets it down slightly. The audio quality seems to be quite hissy with alot of background noise, maybe u could try using a better microphone or clean up the audio after youve sampled yourself? Also I agree with some of the other reviews here that your voice doesnt seem to suit the character very well. Maybe it will with time when you get used to it.. i dunno :)

arrogancy responds:

Given the main character's background, there's a reason that he has that "southern drawl." The girl's voice will be changing - the chick that did it this time was a last minute stand in.

Great animation, very artistic.

But why does the main character sound like a backwater beer-swigging hick from my native Oklahoma, and the female remind me of a 6 year old girl? The dialogue was sad, but the sound was even worse. Great job on the art, though. I gave you a few points for humour because I'm positive the main character scored a vagina-punch (tm), which makes me laugh.