Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter One"

I thought it was bad ass.

Really good drawings and it got me wanting the next one. The only thing is I didn't like the voice acting especially the main guy's. Then at the end of it I really did like his voice. Heh the girl's was terrible though sounded like you had a your sister read it from paper or something with no feel but oh well i'm not that picky so it's still a 9 and a 5.


Someday there will be a great flash movie, but not today

That was Great.

That really was cool, and the sound wasn't so bad when I put it on low quality, but the voice just DIDN'T match Arrogancy's apprearance. I can understand if you want him to have a Southern Accent, but THAT thick? And (this is in no way a racist comment) the voice sounds like a black guy, not a white guy. The girl's voice wasn't as bad as other people say, in a way it fit, like her voice sounds extra innocent despite the fact that she's a killer for hire. The art was amazing, and keep up the good work, but reconsider using your own voice for Arogancy.

arrogancy responds:

Actually, he's half black, and there's a reason why he has the accent to be revealed later. Notice the size of the lips and nose?


first off, good work, but take this into consideration: when do you ever see in a successful movie or anime a long pause after someone stops talking, for no reason? i know, you want people to admire the art, but what good is it if theyre bored to death waiting for the next scene? and no its not my connection. try and pull some sounds out of animes (that dink when the claw clicked in sucked), and try to make the feel of it more continuous. when you stop start music constantly you leave the viewer confused. if you want info on good animation, go to www.3dark.com and find some articles there. they have some excellent lectures on 3d animation, which in many ways will pertain to what you are doing. peace

Good job

Nice art. Here's a tip
To get the sound to synch regardless of frame rate, computer speed, size of movie, whatever, here's all you have to do:
First, make sure all your sounds are set to stream.
Then, put 10 empty frames before each scene in your movie and have it start on frame 10
It sounds stupid, but trust me it works.
-Ben Spurgin