Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter One"

Superb drawings, but poor voice synching.

In this movie, arrogancy begins a tale of beautiful assassins, strange organisations and mysterious powers.

Both photos and drawings are used in this movie, and it does slightly jar at one point. However, for the most part, it is done wonderfully.

Regarding other technical aspects, the voice synching is - as I have said above - lacking, and the lack of a starting button can be annoying for modem users, who will find that the movie starts playing whilst they are doing something else.

The actual story seems reasonable so far, although I do hope that this isn't going to turn into a matrix re-telling (although I half-expect that to be the case).

Overall though, I cannot really make a concrete decision until I have seen a few more episodes.

Has potential.

Really fucking good

The animation is excellent and the story so far is ok, only thing you NEEDNEEDNEED to change are the voices. I'm sure you could find voice actor voulunteers on NG. This is amazing for being done only by one person. Oh yeah and the music is really good too.


It's Great, but I can't get over those voices. I'll watch anyways regardless.

Amazing Beginning...

Wow, what a promising series "Arrogancy" is! I saw the second part advertised on the main page, but figured it'd be best to start from the beginning. I was a bit pissed at the download time, but not when I saw the final result. The animation in this is amazing... and the blending of blurred photographs for backgrounds is a really cool effect as well. The storyline is coherent, and promising with its share of mystery (though does every Flash nowadays have to have some sort of "invincible fighting standoff"?). The only problem I had was with the voices - they just didn't seem to match the characters, and were otherwise just OK. Can't wait to see part 2!

Nicely drawn and timed

I can see that you took your sweet ass time on this. One thing that I didn't like was the slow moving it had.