Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter One"

the voices ruinned this movie

i love this movie, the quality of the animation, the music, the story. the only thing i can't stand is those voices. its like they have no emotions, like someones reading a term paper or something. you also need to do something about the fight scene. the sound effects of them fighting were pretty bad. i recamend that you go and get somebody on newgrounds, who has a pretty good voice acting ablitiy, and redo the voices, and sound effects. try this guy at shockanime.com

You may have sumtin here...

This is from what i've seen, a kick ass story ya got here... it's just the voices like the girl. Curious was she supposed to have no emotion when she talked? She seemed bored or sumtin... Well maybe you have improved in the second one which i am checking out now. Well i hope you continue to deal out some good shit like this one... keep it comin man!

pretty awesome

well animated,good story plot,and really good kick-ass graphics.


Very very well drawn, voices are a little of the unexcited side (needs more acting..)

You should change the sound to streaming so that it syncs with the video, this PC is a little slow and I had to put it to low quality to get the sound to work.. which is a pity becuase the graphical side is awesome.


Awesome graphics and plot

I think this flash video is really well done, the art work is really nice. One thing though, and I think this brings down the quality of the piece, is the voices. No offense to those doing the voices, but your both definetly not voices actors, and with this kind a graphics, better voice actors would definetly make it cooler to watch.