Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter One"


The movie in itself was fantastic, with the voice overs a little ugly, but all in all very well done.

You need people like me.

Your animation is top-notch, but the voice acting makes porno movies look oscar-worthy. Please, for the love of God, stay away from a microphone.

Good Introduction

They way I see it, Episode One is an Introduction to the series (Well of course duh!). While the graphics did get sort of choppy around the fight scene, it was still fairly visable with no slow down. However, for this episode, the movements weren't as good as Smash Bros X: Gaiden but Arrogacy did state this one was the poorest of the series. Keep it up man! Peace V^_^

i take it its not supposed to be funny

i thot the voice of arrogancy was funny at first so i gave humor a 1. its really good.


OH MY GOD THOSE ANIMATIONS KICKED ASS!!! I wish i could make animations like that. God damn, it was unbeleivable! Yes, yes, the graphics were the best I ever seen in a flash movie... But then theres the bad news...
THE VOICE OVERS SUCKED SO FUCKING BAD! Dammit, if only they were decent, then this movie would deserve a 12! Yea, it would be over the top rating...
If you could just get some non-annoying voices and some more exciting fight sfx, then your movie would be flawless. Great work, anyway.