Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter One"

Hmm, good or not good?

Well, on the positive side, I liked the graphics and style and effort that has clearly gone into this seires however and this is where I turn negative in a constructive way sorry, I thought that it was a rip off of several other films, namely THE MATIX, however I haven't seen the other films yet so I will trot along now to the most recent episode and see if you have improved, keep making cool visual movies.

The best style i've seen, excellent!

This first episode leaves you hanging to watch the next in the series. It's got a great and unique style, kind of manga mixed with the artists own art style. The plot is intriguing and the music is really cool and fits perfectly. If you havent already watch the next episodes, they get even better!

its arrogancy

maybe everybody should say "its arrogancy" instead of "its cool" (bcos i know it will get better)PS.i have 1 request and i will say it straight....can i make a remix of some of ur music(im not using ejay IM A PROFESSIONAL...well almost..but no ejay included)

Good start.

A great start, and a good flash movie overall. I really enjoy your drawing style, and the animation isn't bad. The story is mysterious and compelling. But yes, the voice acting IS really bad - especially the assassin's voice. It's too breathy, and sounds like some cheesy porno voice. But at least you've bothered to add voices, unlike most people. Well, time to watch part two.

I liked it...

It was good but I know for a fact from your record that you can do better. That's why I'm about to check out the others, it's a good start though... err for a series I mean. Also props for claiming Lunar!!