Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter One"

pretty good... but one thing

Why does he sound like a red neck hillbilly i mean, picture this in a hillbilly voice "stay alive , i still have questions to ask u" well thats the only problem i had with it


It's pretty good, I really did enjoy watching it. The graphics were pretty awesome, but they could be better, and I'm looking forward to your next episodes!
Also, the voicing needs improvement.

s'all right

i thought is was okay.sound needs to be worked on. he kinda sounds like a hic.

good but...

If it weren't for the subpar voice-overs, I would have given this a higher score. Other than that, pretty decent overall


I agree with the previous review in it's saying that the voices could use work. I'm pretty sure flash is hard work and all, but i just don't see alot of effort put forth. So, all in all... It could be better... but it's overall an OK movie. Sorry..