Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter One"

Nice animation, but...

The sound quality was terrible as was the lip sink, you should work on that, as i said the animation was good but not great and the actual story line seems pretty average, but hey it's only the first episode, you can always inmrove next time. But it was pretty good.

A lot of words...you should consider it!

Okay..so the anime artwork was good and all but you seriously need to take some art classes! Well, by checking your site and the title of this, you ARE indeed ARROGANT and it shows. However, you lack in other artistic fundamentals. Others might find this really cool and I don't doubt you HAVE talent in regards to animation however...

I'm an animation student and done some animation work myself (NOT flah, that's why I haven't submitted), but your lip syncing is DEFINATELY off and your voice talents suck ass! Personally, I think you're better off with STILL animated figures. And the story and plot line doesn't seems all to exciting or original. I'm not even interested ins seeing the other two movies of this stupid series!

Another thing I thought was so corny was the movements and fight techniques of your characters. I've watched a lot of films and I've seen these overdone actions. You draw well to cover up for your mistakes. No one is perfect I agree but I'm tired of seeing monotonous, and pumped up flicks that are in truth out of someone's boring and dry taste.


you know i would not judge this so hard if you weren't so fucking stuck up. Lie when you said "most of the stuff on NG is crap" nd the slogun for your site is a new standard in flash animation. I must say...no The animation is way to fucking slow the voice acting sucks large masses of dog pheses. The girl sounds like a ditz and thw white guy sounds black...are you black that would make scense. The talking doesn't match the scense and the lips don't blend!


other than the lack of frame by frame animation and the horrid voice acting.
this was a good......thing, you need to animate a bit more though and then the series will become an animated series as opposed to a
moble comic without drawn backrounds.

really good

Nice story line. I like the mysterious intros. I like the pic in the background the best though,
a date with Ghaleon (snicker).