Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter One"


Well, everything is great but the voice acting, IT SUCKS SO MUCH. Im sorey but I couldnt stand watching half of the movie, get new voices cuz the girl sounds liek shes 3 years old and the guy sounds like he some fucking red neck....


OK um whats with the mobile home hillbilly voice?? and is that girl retarded or something why does she keep saying "huh?" that way? good drawing but why didnt you give Arrogancy a mullet?


I don't know what to say... the drawings are quite good and shit, but like slayerdfb said... the acting was crap. And the voices mades it boring as hell and friggin gay.

Shit Crap Fart

What Is Up With The Acting? A Retarded Gay One Balled Monkey Can Act Better. Other Then The Terrible (and i mean Damn thats bad)acting it was alright.

i love this shit

this movie rocked