Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter One"

Good Story

To be honest you just need to find new voice talent for Arrogancy. Sorry there seems to be no emotion or feeling there. It kinda takes you out of the story. Other than that it seems like a good series.

kick ass!

ok ok i love your work so far only one thing bothered me and that was the voice of "arrogancy" he sounded kind of uh well stupid. sorry about that other that that it was awsome.


ok, you say your skills grow with each series, and like, this is the weakest of your episodes? dude even this one kicks major ass, which means from your point the other ones must kick mega major ass =), good work man, excellent plot,great artwork everything

If you are reading this review right now...

... THEN WHAT ARE YOU THINKING! You are wasting time reading this futile words coming from a person whose opinion does not even matter while you could be spending time watchin this godly series. Watch it now!

any one who isults this should be stoned to death

I dont see how any could insult this movie at all. The animation is awsome, the plot is decent for a first episode its just all out cool. Arrogancy's voice is what the people are complaining about though, but who cares? He kind of sounds like some one trying to immitate a hic but (like i said before) who cares?!?!?