Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter One"

I have to agree with that "meh" guy.

Voices (voice acting too) need to be better and synced with their mouths. That's my only real complaint. But since you got 3 more of these, I'm sure you've already worked on that stuff...


this would suck if it weren't for that badass robot

I could tell this is not your...

I could tell this is not your best work. Though I have yet to see your other work, I'm sure it will be 3x all the more better. I saw a lot of potential in this piece.


It was....meh.

I find it funny that all the zero-raters here have horrible grammar and spelling and apaprently have no idea how to correctly use capital letters. Heh heh.

Anyway, I've seen better. But then again I've seen so much worse too. I liked the graphics and stuff but I can't get over the voices. First, the southern accent really didn't fit the guy. And the girl's voice didn't fit here either. Something a little deeper and more womanly would've fit better. As it is she sounds like a 10 year old girl.

you suck

yes i have to agree with the last reviewer. you make crap. what a waste of time. that was stupid and so is anyone who gives this above a 0