Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter One"


that was terrible their was so many mistakes man new language timing etc

Random southern accent

Good but why does he randommelly get a southern accent at the end

Good and Bad for 2001...

Pros: nice Artwork, and even though you used real photos for the backgrounds, the artwork fit in pretty well.
Cons: The animation wasn't the best, some of the porportions were wrong, (you probably already heard this) but the lip synching is off, the timing wasn't great (the pauses between speaking were too long) and...this is available for all audiences? It isn't bad...but...all audiences?

Make the voices better.

The story seems to be pretty great, however, the voices are completely bland and are generally sounding uninteresting.

Other than that, I'll be happy to watch the other ones as I'm going to do now.


Voices need to be done better. But still an alright movie.