Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter One"

Here goes...

Alright, its obvious youve put alot of work into this series. this is my first time watching it. In this chapter you had an issue with sound mainly. your dubbing was off and the voice didnt quite give the right emotion. I'll check out the rest and see where you went from here. Good luck.

Not to bad.

This first chapter, isn't have as bad, it's better than most. I know this is the first one mad so nothing bad to say about it.


nice... but the accent makes me want to slit my throat with floss.

overall good

no offense or anything but the voices were too country sounding. i liked episode 1's voices better

This is very good and very original, keep it up.

Arrogancy is a really good series. whoever worked on these films have a lot of talent. originality is very important and you sure do have it. thanks a lot for your thoughts and making them a reality....