Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter One"


looking forward to fnishing this series it looks really good

What the heck?

I liked it but why did the animation and voices change he sounds like a black guy in this one?

wat the hell

blue fricin hair wat the fuk jeeze BLUE hair wat the hell

ok... but...

i suppose this is some of your old work? im guessing the animation got better, we all start somewhere, but your voice actors should have no such excuse, their voice acting was horrible, iv heard worse, but thats still the stuff of nightmares...

It was ok.

I look foward to the next episode. Although Arrogancy sounds like a gangster country boy, which is a uniques sound (not making fun of the voice actor, just saying.) and I think that makes him stand out a bit. I like the animations, but some if the art annoyed me a bit, mostly the weapon. It was to simple to me. I didn't like it. Something i thought would annoy me was the live action city it all took place in. I barely noticed it because i was paying attention to the story unfold. Overall it was a great story you got a 4 and 8 from me, good job. And sorry if the gangster country boy comment offends you, i really mean no harm in that comment, it is simply a comment.