Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter One"


In its day this was amazing. Now it's almost embarrasingly poor. But I remember this series from when it first came out eight years ago. And it fills me with nostalgia. I'm glad it's still on the site, though I think it deserves much more recognition than it got. A classic of the newgrounds world.



The voice acting is killing me. The character's voice went to brain dead guy, to texan black guy. What's going on?


Considering this was made in 2001 then... HOLY COW. Nice animation. Ill have to give it a 7 because of the voice acting. I mean its kinda weird that the main character is texan but that doesnt really matter. But you have to put more drama. Its sounds like you were just reading lines.

Holy Cow

thats good 4 2001 and it will have a great sequel

2001? o.O

I just checked and this was made in 2001?!?! XD
This is fantastic. o.O
Fairly cliche, but great. x333